Pregnant Hawaiian Woman’s Birth Plan Includes Unusual Doula

dolphin-assisted-birth-hawaiiYouTube/Kim Jam
Water births have become more popular over the years, but this woman is about to take things to a whole new (sea) level. Spiritual healers Dorina Rosin and Maika Suneagle are expecting their first child later this month on Hawaii’s Big Island. The couple’s birth plan includes delivering baby in the ocean through... Read more

A Pregnancy Announcement, As Told By Sperm And Egg

egg and sperm videoYouTube
The city of Toronto became fertile ground for one expectant couple. Jen and Calvin, respectively dressed as an egg and sperm, ran around the city to film their pregnancy announcement. The title? "Jen & Calvin's Sex Tape." Jen -- sorry, the big pink egg -- struts around town, nonchalantly going about her day.... Read more

Coming Soon: A Pregnant Woman Emoji?

pregnant woman emojiEmojipedia
If you've been frustrated with the inability to express your love of bacon via emoji or always find yourself searching for a nonexistent food to notify your partner about cravings, you may be in luck. And while you're at it, you might be able to make an iMessage pregnancy announcement. Read more

The New Pregnancy Nausea Treatment Guidelines You Need To Read

Nauseous woman in bathroomShutterstock
That upset stomach or morning date with the toilet bowl is par for the course during pregnancy. About 25 percent of all pregnant women experience some kind of nausea, and 75 percent experience both nausea and vomiting. But when it comes to curbing the discomfort, it's hard to know what's safe for baby. Cue Read more

Labor Pain? Dance It Out

Woman dances tootsie roll through labor painFacebook
When your labor coach doubles as your dance coach, there's a good chance you're about to be an internet sensation. “I know I shouldn’t be laughing as a husband… but she said she wanted to be famous, so I guess this is how you do it. Doing the 'Tootsie Roll’ in labor,' Connell Cloyd says... Read more

Shorter Women Have Shorter Pregnancies, Study Finds

Pregnant Snooki and pregnant Kristen BellInstagram/Shutterstock
Turns out size does matter—at least when it comes to your due date. A new study from the March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center Ohio Collaborative found that a mother's height helps shape the fetal environment, influencing the length of pregnancy and whether or not a baby is premature. A baby's birth length and... Read more

Viral Photo Shows Beauty Of C-Section Scars (Graphic)

Newborn below mother's c-section scarHelen Carmina Photography
The mom in this photo was terrified of having a c-section. But after a complicated labor, she needed to have one anyway. This is her way of commemorating her triumph. The photo is also a feat for photographer Helen Aller of Helen Carmina Photography. "My images usually get seen by 100 people at most, so I... Read more

If You Could, Would You Select Baby's Sex?

Pink and blue baby bootiesThinkstock
Should couples be able to choose the sex of their baby? Where the practice of nonmedical sex selection -- also referred to as family balancing -- is allowed, it comes with a hefty price tag -- as much as $15,000 to $20,000 per cycle. But it's the next step for expansion in the fertility industry. Rather... Read more

Watch One Family's Incredibly Moving Birth Story

Birth-Photos-Sibling-Meeting-Baby-1Marysol Blomerus
When mom Michelle found out that she was pregnant with her second child in two years, one of the first people she told was Marysol Blomerus, the Cape Town photographer that documented her first son Aiden’s arrival via emergency c-section, in hopes that she would be available again. Like with her first birth, Michelle... Read more

Are They Acting? Sam And Nia's Pregnancy And Miscarriage Claims Questioned

Can you really take a pregnancy test from the toilet? After the pregnancy -- and subsequent miscarriage -- news from YouTube stars Sam and Nia went viral, the validity of their story is being called into question. The Texas couple -- who deemed themselves the "good-looking couple" in their first viral... Read more