Mardi Gras Baby Showers to Celebrate Fat Tuesday

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It's Fat Tuesday, y'all! To celebrate, we've rounded up the very best Mardi Gras-themed baby showers. Forget the pink and blue; these showers are all about purple, green and gold. Plus, king cakes lend themselves to baby showers pretty well. This kind of puts your standard ABC cake to shame.   That looks like enough... Read more

Top 10 Presidential Baby Names

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Are you and your partner history buffs? Why not give your baby a distinguished -- and decidedly presidential -- baby name? Check out our favorite presidential baby names, then place your vote! Just be sure you can set your baby's nursery mobile to "Hail to the Chief" instead of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Read more

Romance-Inspired Baby Names We Love

Whether you're getting ready to welcome baby in the world, preparing for a hot, steamy night of baby making, or planning for a night full of fondue with your partner and your baby bump, this list of beautiful, love-inspired names pulled straight from Cupid's closet will help you commemorate this holiday. We've got a name for... Read more

A Friday the 13th Birthday? Bumpies Discuss

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How far would you go to avoid giving birth on Friday the 13th? Bumpies don't seem particularly superstitious, but the possibility of being induced on Friday the 13th was enough to spark conversation. And part of that conversation involved the Freaky Friday remake. "Friday the 13th would not bother me, I was born on the... Read more

9 Valentine's Day Cards That Perfectly Sum Up Our Lives

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If the media and all the Whitman's Samplers in your local drugstore haven't made the message loud and clear that Valentine's Day is HAPPENING (whether you're on that box of chocolates train or not), we're here to tell you we know how you feel. The "holiday" takes on a different meaning once you're in the pregnancy or parenting zone.  The flowers,... Read more

How to Improve Your Pregnancy Posture

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It's not uncommon for pregnancy and parenthood to seriously affect your posture, causing aches, pains and other physical changes. As breasts grow during pregnancy, the increased weight tends to round shoulders and position the head forward, causing a hunchback-like posture that's already worsened by hours in front of a computer screen and behind the wheel of a... Read more

Switched at Birth: A True Story

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Over 20 years ago, two baby girls were inadvertently switched at birth, and spent their first 10 years of life completely unaware of the mishap. Nope -- this isn't about the ABC Family original series -- it's the true story of two French families, who are now taking home a combined $2.1 million in damages. Sophie... Read more

Baby Born with Set of Twins Inside (Really)

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Being born pregnant -- it sounds like a sci-fi story line, but it's actually a (super) rare medical condition. And a Chinese baby girl became part of the .0002 percent of babies affected with fetus-in-fetu each year. The baby was actually born back in 2010 in Hong Kong, but researchers are revisiting and reporting on the case in the latest volume... Read more

UK Baby Takes Private Jet Home from Hospital

Johnston family in hospital with preemieEnterprise
At seven weeks old, Dax Lee Johnston is already traveling in style. The preemie (and his parents) took a private jet from New York City to the U.K. so he could travel in an incubator alongside a team of doctors and nurses. And for mom and dad Katie Amos and Lee Johnston, this trip home is long overdue.... Read more

Nearly 400k Raised for Dad and Baby with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome baby LeoSamuel Forrest via Facebook
Two weeks ago, Samuel Forrest was faced with a heartbreaking ultimatum. The new dad, an Armenian resident, received the news that his son Leo was born with Down syndrome. His reaction? "He's beautiful -- he's perfect and I'm absolutely keeping him." His wife's reaction? If you keep him, we're getting divorced. A week... Read more