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10 Tips For Moms Of Preemies, From Moms Of Preemies

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Each year, 15 million babies are born too early. These little guys certainly cover a broad spectrum; while a preemie is technically defined as a baby born earlier than 37 weeks of completed gestation, 24 weeks -- maybe even closer to 22 weeks -- is considered viable. We're also recognizing the... Read more

Stressed About Your Preemie? You'll Still Be A Good Mom

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Having a preemie takes its toll. There's the worrying, the extra time in the hospital, the not-so-helpful comments from friends and family. (Oh, are you supposed to "feel so lucky" about not having to experience the tail end of pregnancy?) But guess what? It's not going to affect your parenting in the long... Read more

Babies May Survive at 22 Weeks

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For preemies, every day in the mother's womb makes a huge difference. But what exactly does it mean to be a preemie? Technically, any baby born before week 37 is considered premature, however, 24 weeks is the commonly-held age of viability in the medical community. But a new study suggests survival might be possible at... Read more

Protecting Preemies with Plastic

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Here's a sentence you don't hear every day: "I’m so proud of my freezer bag babies." That's a direct quote from mom of two Emma Blakey, whose daughter and son were both wrapped in plastic bags soon after being born. And it very likely saved their lives. Blakey first delivered a daughter, Willow, at 29 weeks,... Read more

How Your Voice Can Boost Your Preemie's Brain

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From smarter incubators to higher level NICUs, innovations for preemie care keep coming. But the newest tool is the simplest one yet: your voice. That's the latest from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Just a few hours a day of mom's voice is a welcome contrast from the buzz of the incubator... Read more

Is a Vaginal Delivery Safer for Preemie Babies?

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A new study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology found that very premature babies have fewer breathing problems when they're born via vaginal delivery compared to those born via C-section. The research, which studied more than 20,000 newborns, found that regardless of why a C-section birth was preformed (whether because of pregnancy-related... Read more