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Active Pregnancy Helps Achieve Normal Childbirth

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If there weren't already enough reasons to stay active during pregnancy, a new study in the UK shows that women with higher activity levels are more likely to have a "normal" childbirth -- requiring fewer medical interventions -- than mothers who are less active. According to the BBC, the study... Read more

Should Pregnant Women be Lifting Weights?

Photo: Metro.Co.UkPhoto: Metro.Co.Uk
After Lea-Ann Ellison's photo was published on the CrossFit Facebook page, a heated debate was ignited over what's safe exercise during pregnancy and what's pushing the limit. As the lady who literally wrote the book on prenatal and postpartum exercise, I was asked my opinion on the matter by various friends... Read more

5 Awesome Reasons to Get In the Pool and Exercise During Your Pregnancy!

Photo: Healthy LifePhoto: Healthy Life
With summer officially upon us, many of us are looking to beat the heat with a cool dip in the pool. Did you know, though, that swimming is not only refreshing, but it's the perfect exercise during pregnancy? Here are 5 reasons why: 1. Swimming is a low-to-no-impact activity. Just doing the front crawl, breaststroke,... Read more

5 Reasons to Exercise Regularly Throughout Your Pregnancy

There are so many reasons to exercise throughout life, but while you are pregnant it is particularly important to keep moving. Even if you didn't exercise before pregnancy, as long as your doctor approves, you should start a prenatal fitness program in order to increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy and birth experience! So,... Read more

4 Easy Moves to Help You Deal With Pregnancy Back Pain (WATCH!)

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
Back pain is no laughing matter for expectant mothers. Nearly every woman is affected by lumbar pain at some point during pregnancy, a pain that can limit mobility and put a damper on the pregnancy experience. The physical changes in your pregnant body contribute to the propensity for lumbar pain. As the uterus... Read more

Kim Kardashian’s Miscarriage Scare — What Moms-to-Be Should Know About Safe Pregnancy Fitness Routines

Photo: NY MagPhoto: NY Mag
Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian was rushed to a Los Angeles doctor on Tuesday night for a miscarriage scare. The reality TV star was returning from Paris Fashion Week and thankfully, it was a false alarm. Page Six reports that her doctors are advising the mama-to-be to slow it down and... Read more

Your Pregnancy Workout Routine Could Lower Your Risk of a C-Section Birth

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
Exercising while pregnant may be another way to avoid a C-section birth. A new study conducted by Spanish researchers at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid finds reduced medical intervention during delivery among the many benefits of regular exercise throughout pregnancy. The study followed nearly 300 women from the first trimester through... Read more