Is Preschool Depression Something Parents Should Worry About?

contemplative toddler leaning against wallShutterstock
Interpreting the behavior of a 3 or 4 year old may often seem like a lost cause. But if you're even slightly concerned your preschooler is exhibiting signs of depression, know that's a legitimate problem for some young children. And there's work being done to combat it. "Nobody believed preschoolers could get depressed," Dr. Joan Luby,... Read more

The Best (And Worst) First Day Of School Photos

first day of school photoInstagram @brooke.choate
Baby's all grown up and ready for his first day of pre-school -- a Kodak moment waiting to happen. You've been preparing for this day for a few weeks now, and are ready to commemorate it with that DIY back-to-school sign from Pinterest. After multiple trips to the craft store and hours slaving over this sign... Read more

Reporter Inadvertently Makes Preschooler Cry: How To Help Your Child Avoid The Back-To-School Tears

Reporter makes preschooler cryKTLA
The first day of school is right around the corner for most parts of the U.S. And for the Los Angeles Unified School District (the second largest school district in the country, after New York City), the time is already here. Los Angeles local news station KTLA 5 interviewed students en route to the classroom yesterday. Some are... Read more

Is Sesame Street Just As Educational as Preschool?

Tickle Me Elmo and ToddlerPhotos Courtesy of the Manufacturer
Some screen time's not such a bad thing when your toddler's learning a lesson from Elmo or Cookie Monster. A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that kids who watch Sesame Street are 14 percent less likely to be behind in school. That's about the... Read more

How My Kids Starting School Has Made My Life (Even More) Insane

Matthew RichmondMatthew Richmond
This year marked the start of preschool for my younger son, Holden, for three mornings a week. My older son, Cooper, started Kindergarten this year as well, but at a different school. I had absolutely no idea how much these heart-melting milestones would turn our day-to-day life management completely upside down, and require triple the... Read more