Crowdsourcing A Baby Name From Preschoolers

baby names suggested by preschoolersImgur
Deciding on a baby name is tough, prompting plenty of bickering, indecision and unwelcome feedback. Why not just let someone else decide? We've heard of couples leaving it up to Starbucks employees or Facebook friends, but a Wisconsin preschool teacher just took the cake, letting her students decide. Of course, Miss Julie won't actually be... Read more

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Preschoolers Answer

preschool kids writingThinkstock
Kid on the bottom right, we see you. That little boy is just one of the 15 preschoolers from the Wellington School in Columbus, Ohio, who shared their career aspirations for the photo, which was auctioned off at a school fundraiser. And after Reddit user AstroCat16 posted the photo online, the school's not... Read more

All She Wants for Christmas Is a Doll — and I Hate Dolls

with her first doll, Jan 2011with her first doll, Jan 2011
Just when I thought I was done with all my Christmas and birthday shopping (Lovie turns 3 just four days after Christmas), Lovie starts telling me that she’s going to tell Santa that she wants “a new dolly with lots and lots of milk and a doggie.” Uh, a doll was not something I bought... Read more

The Hangry Monster — The Real Cause of Most Toddler Meltdowns

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Picking up my three-year-old daughter, Lovie, from school at 3:30 like I do every day, I peeked into the window of her room and saw her sitting right in front of her teacher who read from a book. One of her classmates saw me and feverishly started pointing in my direction while nudging Lovie. She... Read more

Parents: How to Get Through the Hurricane Without Losing Your Mind

toddler and momThinkstock
East-coasters who've  been cooped up at home for the storm: I feel your pain. It was barely even nap time at our home and I was almost ready to tear my hair out. So far, we've put on a pot of chicken chili, played trains, read what feels like a hundred books, dealt with several... Read more

Potty Training In Two Days — I Never Thought It Would Work, But It Did

thomas underwear
"They need to be potty trained for Pre-K 3." Those words, spoken by a teacher during my son's school tour back in the spring, stung. You see, I had read a thing or two about potty training, and the gist I'd gotten was this: Wait until your child is ready -- don't force it. And... Read more

Preschool Supplies You’ll Want to Snatch Up

school supplies
Most of my friends' kids started school today, but I've still got another week until my son's first day of preschool. (So all that shopping I did over the weekend can't be considered last-minute -- for once I'm actually slightly ahead of the game!). Here are a few cute things I picked up -- and... Read more

Why I’m Not Taking My Kid to See Fireworks (Such a Mean Mom)

Photo: Smarter TravelPhoto: Smarter Travel
Like (probably a lot of) other parents out there, I haven't seen a fireworks display since my son was born and that's not a coincidence. The whole fireworks thing never really seemed baby-friendly to me. Now that he's two (almost three), I debated making this July 4th my son's first fireworks experience -- but when... Read more