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Stressed About Your Preemie? You'll Still Be A Good Mom

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Having a preemie takes its toll. There's the worrying, the extra time in the hospital, the not-so-helpful comments from friends and family. (Oh, are you supposed to "feel so lucky" about not having to experience the tail end of pregnancy?) But guess what? It's not going to affect your parenting in the long... Read more

Had a Preterm Birth? Here's Why You Might Want to Wait on Baby No. 2

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Thinking about having another baby after you've gone through a preterm birth? A new study suggests you might want to wait — for the health of your next baby. The new study, to be presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine's annual conference Thursday, says that the length of time between the delivery of one baby and... Read more

Dad Crashes Car, Delivers Baby

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When mom's in labor, the pressure is on for dad. And one Colorado father almost blew it. Almost. Colorado couple Sergey and Angela Sushko braved icy roads en route to North Suburban Medical Center when Angela went into labor 10 days early. While turning into the hospital parking lot, Sergey hit a curb and popped a... Read more

Scheduling a C-section or Induction? Read This First

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If you're being induced, chances are there's a medical reason that makes the risk of induction lower than the risk of your continued pregnancy. That being said, if you're planning on having en elective induction (or an elective c-section), you need to be aware that there are risks. A new study in the July issue of... Read more

Want Another Baby Right Away? Not So Fast

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If you're a new mom with baby number two already on the brain, you might want to slow down. A new study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, found that the shorter the interval between pregnancies, the higher the risk of preterm birth. What exactly defines a "short interpregnancy interval"?... Read more

How What You Ate Before Pregnancy Affects Baby

You've always known you're supposed to eat healthy, but being conscious of your choices is easier when you're eating for two. Kudos to you if you cut out the chips and candy before getting a positive pregnancy test; a study out of the University of Adelaide in Australia just confirmed that a healthy pre-pregnancy diet has amazing benefits for birth.... Read more

How Technology Is Changing What It Means to Be a Preemie

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Will she have a low IQ? Is disability inevitable? Is she going to survive?  These are some of the questions swirling through moms' minds if they're at risk for delivering a preemie. While preterm labor is cause for concern, these questions are on their way to becoming antiquated. A full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks, but delivery... Read more

Moms Who Were Preemies May Have a Difficult Pregnancy

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Were you an early arrival? If so, you may encounter some difficulties during your pregnancy. A new study suggests that pregnancy complications are more common among women who were born early themselves. In the study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers analyzed data on women born between 1976 and 1995 who delivered at least... Read more

Waiting a Few Extra Weeks to Deliver Makes Baby Smarter

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We know that babies born pre-term might be at risk for developmental problems, but now new research shows that babies born just two weeks early could have problems too. The study published in Pediatrics, "Academic Achievement Varies With Gestational Age Among Children Born at Term," showed that full-term babies do better on math and... Read more