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8 Adorable British-Themed Baby Products

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We're still a teensy bit obsessed with the future royal baby -- and probably will be until he/she makes an arrival (in about six months!), maybe longer. Until then, we're getting our royal fix with British-themed baby gear. Check out these adorable picks for your little prince or princess. Plus, more from The Bump:... Read more

According to the Chinese Gender Chart, Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With a Baby…

Photo: Grazia Daily / The BumpPhoto: Grazia Daily / The Bump
Make way for a prince! According to The Bump's Chinese Gender Chart, Prince William and his expectant wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, will be proud parents to a beautiful little baby boy come spring! While there's no official word yet on just when the baby-to-be was conceived, we're going off of Kate's Read more

6 Royal Nursery Ideas Fit for Life in the Palace

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While everyone is busy fussing over who Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal baby will look like, we're distracted just thinking about how wonderful the royal bundle's sleeping quarters will be! Though William and Kate will have no trouble enlisting help to decorate this childlike chamber, who's to say that Will and Kate won't... Read more

6 Reasons Prince William Will Be a Great Dad

Photo: Associated PressPhoto: Associated Press
Though Duchess Kate is only in the "very early stages" of her very royal pregnancy, we're already going gaga over what Prince William will be like as a doting dad. From reading bedtime stories together to royal piggy-backs, we've outlined the top six reasons Prince William will be the most incredible royal dad ever! 1.... Read more

Name Predictions for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby

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What will Kate Middleton and Prince William name their royal baby? We've got a few guesses! Traditional royal names Chances are, Will and Kate will go traditional -- after all, this baby will one day be King or Queen of England! In other words, they're likely use a traditional royal name. A few no-fail choices... Read more

What Will William and Kate’s Baby Look Like?

Photos: Shutterstock / The BumpPhotos: Shutterstock / The Bump
Okay, we couldn't resist! Everyone's still buzzing about the future royal baby, and we'll probably have to wait about six months to catch a glimpse of the sure-to-be-cutie. So in order to tide us over until Kate gives birth, we plugged the royal pair's photos into our Baby Morpher Tool to see what the future... Read more

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant! (And Has Severe Morning Sickness)

Photo: Getty Images / The BumpPhoto: Getty Images / The Bump
We've been waiting for what feels like forever to hear this news! A royal baby is on the way for Prince William and Kate Middleton! Today, St. James Palace released a statement saying Kate is, in fact pregnant, that she's suffering from severe morning sickness and is now in a London hospital. (Poor... Read more

The Perfect Time to Announce a Pregnancy? William and Kate Say New Year’s

Photo: US WeeklyPhoto: US Weekly
For every potential parent-to-be, the best time to conceive a baby is different. Maybe it's after a long, stressful project at work is complete or once you've hit your one-year anniversary. Maybe you envision having a newborn at a certain time of year (summer? so you can take long walks with the stroller in... Read more

The Latest Scoop: When Will William and Kate Start a Family?

Photo: Associated PressPhoto: Associated Press

Royal-Inspired Baby Names

Photo: Associated PressPhoto: Associated Press
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s (er, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) first wedding anniversary is this Sunday, April 29th. Can you believe it’s been a year since that wedding craziness? I don’t know about you guys, but I watched all the royal wedding specials leading up to the main event and then I woke up... Read more