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The States Where It’s Legal to Breastfeed In Public

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In spite of the frustrating accounts of moms being asked to leave restaurants or cover up while breastfeeding, it's a perfectly legal activity nationwide. Except in Idaho. Get your act together, Idaho! According to the National Conference of State Legislatures49 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have laws that specifically... Read more

Join in the Boob-olution this Friday, August 1!

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With Breastfeeding Awareness Month right around the corner, we’re kicking things off this Friday, August 1, with a party – a Boob-olution (sponsored by The Bobby Company)– all in the name of public breastfeeding. Why? The more often moms breastfeed out in the open, the more they show other moms it’s no big deal.... Read more

Another Win for Public Breastfeeding

By now, you probably know we're pro-breastfeeding over here at The Bump, public breastfeeding absolutely included. And since we're also Starbucks junkies, this is one of our favorite stories in a while. Ottawa mom Julia Wykes was running errands with her 5-month-old son when she decided to drop in a Starbucks. When he... Read more

Mark Your Calendars: August 15 is Public Display of Breastfeeding Day! [UPDATED]

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Join The Bump and Boppy boob-olution! Breastfeeding Awareness Month here! On August 15th, moms everywhere will breastfeed in public to celebrate in our second annual Public Display of Breastfeeding (PDB) Day. Why make a big deal out of breastfeeding in public? To empower moms and show the world that if a mom chooses to Read more

The New Mom’s Guide to Nursing in Public (and Liking It!)

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As a new mom breastfeeding twins, the first few months were rough for me. I definitely felt like a prisoner in my own body (and home) at times.  Getting out of the house was hard enough, and I also felt pressure to get back home before the next feeding to avoid... Read more

2013’s Hot Pregnancy and Baby Trends

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What's going to be big for moms-to-be and new parents this year? This is what we predict: Less-Than-12-Week Spill Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson announced their pregnancies earlier than the traditional 12 weeks. Why not everyone else? A poll of The Bump readers found that 58 percent of pregnant women let the cat out of the... Read more

A Stylish Nursing Cover? Yup, It Exists

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We can all spot a nursing cover the moment a breastfeeding mom pulls it out of her diaper bag, right? Not necessarily. Check out the Pirose by Reno Rose. It's a nursing cover, meets shawl, meets capelet, meets scarf. And we're totally loving, not only its many uses (multi-tasking products are the... Read more

New Luvs Ad Normalizes Breastfeeding in Public

It looks like Luvs supports breastfeeding in public. The diaper company released a new ad which features a mom breastfeeding her baby at a restaurant. The ad is part of a campaign that humorously pokes fun at new mom mistakes, and shows the lessons they learn from them. In the breastfeeding ad, the mother... Read more

Pink Says She Breastfeeds in Public and Will Fight Someone Who Stands In Her Way

Photo Credit: ZimbioPhoto Credit: Zimbio
When it comes to celebrity moms, and celebrities in general, there's no one else quite like Pink. The sassy singer isn't afraid to speak her mind, and that's one of the things we love about her. This week, she took her no-filter attitude to talk about an issue that's important to mom: breastfeeding in... Read more

American University Professor Breastfeeds in Class — Did She Cross the Line?

This is a lesson the students won't forget. Two weeks ago Adrienne Pine, an assistant anthropology professor at American University, brought her baby to school when she was unable to find someone to take care of her sick infant. During one of Pine's lectures, she breast-fed her baby in front of 40 students. Now, the single mom is... Read more