Watch Baby Bookworm's Priceless Reaction To The Words 'The End'

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Coming to the end of a good book can be emotionally draining (looking at you, The Velveteen Rabbit). For this little bookworm, the page-turning heartbreaker is a board book called I am a Bunny. As soon as mom concludes with the words "the end," this baby starts to wail. The only solution? Starting over. And... Read more

How to Raise Lifelong Readers

Reading to baby has some serious benefits -- you know that. But once you've been through every picture book and nursery rhyme in an attempt to boost brain development and language skills, how do you get your child to actually like reading? That's the question Daniel Willingham is addressing in his new book, Raising... Read more

New Recommendation: Read to Baby Starting at Birth​

Photo: VeerPhoto: Veer
Just because your baby doesn't understand a word you're saying doesn't mean story time is in vain. In fact, doctors are going to start recommending it. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced on Tuesday that literacy promotion will become a big part of pediatric primary care. The AAP is asking that its 62,000 member pediatricians... Read more