Royal Baby

The Royal Baby Booties Have Been Selected!

royal baby zara bootiesZara
Kate Middleton was spotted at one of her favorite High Street retailers this weekend. But she wasn't shopping for another killer maternity outfit. Nope -- the Duchess picked out a cute pair of Zara baby booties. Don't get too excited; the gender-neutral white and tan Leather Blucher booties didn't reveal whether we'll be... Read more

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Kate Middleton!

Kate Middleton St. Patrick's dayGetty
Forget green! Kate Middleton rocked navy and brown this St. Patrick's Day. But that doesn't mean she wasn't feeling festive. The Duchess presented a bouquet of shamrocks to the Officers and Guardsmen of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, who gathered in Aldershot, England for the annual parade. The tradition dates back to 1901, when Queen Alexandra first presented... Read more

Total Pregnancy Brain? Kate Middleton's Hilarious Quote

Kate Middleton visits set of Downton AbbeyGetty
Remember when severe morning sickness was keeping pregnant Kate Middleton on the sidelines? Well, she doesn't. "I sometimes forget I'm pregnant," she told Margate resident Jenny Cranstone when she visited the artsy seaside town on Wednesday. Cranstone had told the Duchess -- who was wearing a Dalmatian-esque spot coat by High Street label Hobbs -- that she... Read more

Another Royal Baby!

Attention: another royal baby is on the way! ...but it's not in the UK we're admittedly less excited about it. Still, with a monarch for a dad and a former Olympic swimmer for a mom, the new heir to the throne of Monaco is going to be a pretty cool kid. Prince Albert II, 56,... Read more

Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Being Criticized for Taking a Baby-Free Vacation

Photo: AU IBTimesPhoto: AU IBTimes
Being a new parent is an all-around challenging job, from getting hardly any sleep to juggling what feels like a million new concerns all at once. So the big question is -- when do you up the ante from leaving your baby at home for your first night out to leaving your baby at home... Read more

Bumpie Buzz: Kim Kardashian Reveals Plans for Baby Number 2 (and 3!)

Photo: NY Daily NewsPhoto: NY Daily News

Kate Middleton’s Birth Plan Will Make History in England

Photo: Daily NewsPhoto: Daily News
I don't know about you, but I'm already hunkering down for the arrival of the royal baby. I've planned a menu of small British heir-approved apps (in case you're curious, everything will be served "mini" and come with a British flag, we'll sip mocktails and say "Cheerio!" and "Brilliant!" as often as possible... Read more

The Top 13 Most Conflicting Theories About Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Royal Baby-to-Be

I think it was Patrick Henry who said, "Give me liberty or the royal baby!" and I've got to hand it to the guy because I couldn't have said it any better myself. Each and every day, the rumor mill (both English and American!) gives us so much Kate Middleton and Prince William news to... Read more

Kate Middleton’s Honest Mom-to-Be Confession Is One All Women Can Relate to

Photo: Getty Images / The BumpPhoto: Getty Images / The Bump
Call me crazy, but sometimes I honestly forget just how normal Kate Middleton can be. The Duchess of Cambridge may be one of -- if not the most -- idolized woman in the world, but when she speaks, I swear, it's like I'm talking to one of my girlfriends. And now that the Duchess... Read more

5 Reasons Kate Middleton’s ‘Babymoon’ Isn’t Really a Babymoon at All

Photo: People / The BumpPhoto: People / The Bump
Okay, okay, so we've allllllllll heard the news: the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William supposedly jetted off to some private island for a babymoon. And while we're really happy for the parents-to-be (and also really, really jealous!), we know that this isn't really a babymoon for the excited twosome. Here's... Read more