Brave Sandy Hook Students Return to School Today

Photo: Associated Press / The BumpPhoto: Associated Press / The Bump
This morning, some 400 young children made their way back to their familiar classrooms and back to a (semi) normal routine. But the students of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut did not return to the same elementary school that Adam Lanza turned into a place of tragedy and sadness. No. Instead,... read more

Then, There Was Silence

Photo: Shelby BaronePhoto: Shelby Barone
I have three kids, all twenty-two months apart. For the past ten years, I've begged my husband almost every night for a little break so I could enjoy just a few wee seconds of silence. There were stacks of diapers, mounds of dirty clothes and a sea of dirty dishes that seemed like it would... read more

Preschool Supplies You’ll Want to Snatch Up

school supplies
Most of my friends' kids started school today, but I've still got another week until my son's first day of preschool. (So all that shopping I did over the weekend can't be considered last-minute -- for once I'm actually slightly ahead of the game!). Here are a few cute things I picked up -- and... read more

Why New Moms Should Watch What They Wish For

couple looking out window getty_83975278 - Cropped
New moms always hear their friends with older kids say “enjoy the time now, they grow up so fast.” I always thought that was total BS, because how could those moms wish for what I had – two little insatiable people who needed something from me all the time, no privacy, a slow insanity from... read more