Why I Stole From My Baby (and Why You Would, Too!)

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
I know what you're thinking. Who steals from their own child? I do, that's who. Now, before you get upset, you need to know that my daughter is just over a year and a half old and she can't really make a legal claim to any property or possession since she relies on my wife... Read more

Baby Names Inspired by the Holidays

Photo: SheKnows / The BumpPhoto: SheKnows / The Bump
Though we are a nation blanketed in unbelievable mourning in the wake of the Newtown massacre, many of us are doing our best to prepare for the upcoming holiday by filling it with extra love, laughter, hugs and kisses. And for those of us who are waiting on the arrival of a baby... Read more