Prepping Your Toddler for a New Sibling

With new Princess Charlotte in the spotlight, our thoughts are turning back to George. How is his royal highness adjusting to life as a big brother? If you're about to bring home baby no. 2, you'll want to help your eldest get ready to no longer be king of the castle. We have some Read more

Happy National Siblings Day! Big Siblings Break Developing News

Happy National Siblings Day! While this celebration is basically an excuse to post embarrassing old family photos online, we stopped to ask ourselves a question: What was life like before baby no. 2 came along? Before there were siblings, there was an only child who had to be told there was a baby on the... Read more

Five-Year-Old Doesn’t Want Baby Brother to Grow Up (Watch!)

big sister crying | YouTube | blog.thebump.comYouTube
You know that feeling when you wish your baby would stay cute and little and dependent forever? That's hitting fiver-year-old Sadie pretty hard. She cradles her baby brother's adorable little head, sobbing, "I don't want him to grow up!" And all he does his giggle, which prompts a blubbery: "Oh you are so cute! I love... Read more

Study Says Firstborns Are Smarter — Is It True?

So much for sibling rivalry, kids -- a new study reveals that moms and dads believe that their firstborns have higher IQs and perform better in school than their siblings. And as a middle child with a serious slew of issues (JK, mom!), I take personal offense to this. But, the proof, I... Read more

Confessions of a Two-Time Mom: What I Won’t Be Doing This Time Around

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
After having my second beautiful baby in December of last year, I've had a few months to adjust to life as a mother of two, and I'm finding things to be very different than my first go at this. I wholeheartedly believe that -- for me -- it has been much easier to transition from one... Read more

Did Jessica Simpson Just Reveal Her Baby’s Name… and Gender?

Photo Courtesy of ABC NewsPhoto Courtesy of ABC News
When it comes to keeping a secret, Jessica Simpson is second to none! Okay, okay, only kidding -- but seriously, this mama-to-be (for the second time!) cannot keep her mouth closed! Fortunately for us, though, Jess's lack of a filter has made for some salaciously good headlines. Her latest slip up, though, might be my... Read more

How to Keep Your Kid From Playing Favorites — a Must-Read for Moms (and Dads!)

My toddler is going through a “mommy phase.” She wants me all the time, whether it’s to give her or a bath or read her stories at bedtime or kiss her boo-boos when she falls. I’m the one she calls for when she wakes up in the morning. When I dare to leave the room,... Read more

Why I Waited 5 Years to Have My Second Child

Photo: TriWest / The BumpPhoto: TriWest / The Bump
I am like most of you: a mom trying to juggle a full-time job, motherhood, marriage, some semblance of a personal life, friendships and, of course, my sanity. I have a 6-year-old son, “Buddy,” and a 20-month-old daughter, “Mimi.” When people ask me how old my children are, I usually get the same reaction: “Wow,... Read more

I Love Babies, But I Don’t Want Another One

A friend of mine just had a baby. Her third. You might think at my age and stage, when just about everyone I know has had at least one or two kids, that the new-baby excitement may have worn off. Not so. I waited breathlessly for my friend’s Facebook updates, checked email and voicemail, eagerly... Read more