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Singing Soothes Baby Better Than Talking, Study Finds

mom singing to babyShutterstock
Better practice your pitch and brush up on your lullabies; when it comes to calming baby, singing is more effective than talking. A University of Montreal study found that infants remained twice as calm when listening to a song -- that they didn't even know -- compared to when they listened to speech. "Many... Read more

Bumpie Tip of the Week: Soothe a Fussy Baby While Driving

Photo: FAN / The BumpPhoto: FAN / The Bump
As any mom knows, there’s nothing more stressful than driving while your little one cries in the backseat. Next time you’re behind the wheel and need to quickly soothe your fussy baby, try this trick from user Fish000. “I switch the radio to a random frequency with no station and it’s instant white noise,” she... Read more

How to Soothe Baby After a Vaccination: Use the Five S’s

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Most of us have been there: The wailing doctor's office scene. You're mortified that baby's crying and you're also heartbroken. Here's your poor little, sensitive baby and you just gave someone permission to stick her with a bunch of painful needles. How do you make her feel better asap? According to a new study... Read more