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Dad's Clever Song Remixes Get Baby Eating

dadsingingbabyYouTube via Charles Only
It takes a certain stroke of brilliance to create the perfect song parody, but one musically-inclined dad has created the perfect mixtape for mealtime: a series of food-themed lyrics meant to encourage his son to eat solid foods without a fuss. Part-time stay-at-home-dad Charles Flartey has always enjoyed singing to his one-year-old son... Read more

Why I Let My Babies Decide When They Were Ready for Solids

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
We finally gave my twins their first solid food: avocado. They were 26 weeks and three days old -- at the time it felt like my sweet little babies are growing up so fast. Since then, we've progressed and have been giving them some vegetables and fruit or meat once or twice a... Read more