Recall Alert! Chewbeads Pacifier Clips

Chewbeads pacifier clip recallCPSC
The jewelry is a fashion-forward lifesaver when you have a teething baby, but you'll want to be careful; Chewbeads is recalling 45,000 pacifier clips because of a choking hazard. Never heard of Chewbeads? The company makes silicone jewelry that's safe for babies to gnaw and pull on. While no injuries have been reported, there have been seven incidents... Read more

Why Are Baby's Teeth Growing In Crooked?

Baby's bottom teethGetty
It's National Children's Dental Health Month, which means we'll be giving you helpful tips on dental care for baby and answering all those questions you have about those adorable baby teeth. Here, Chris Kammer, DDS, Lifetime Family Dentistry and president of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, explains why some babies' teeth grow in crooked. Crooked teeth... Read more

Children's Dental Health Month: Fluoride and Baby Teeth

baby teethShutterstock
A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says to bring on the fluoride toothpaste as soon as baby's teeth start to come in. This comes in response to the fact that dental caries, or tooth decay, is the most common chronic disease in US children, especially among poor and minority populations.... Read more

5 Necklaces You Can Let a Teething Baby Chew

Photo: Etsy / The BumpPhoto: Etsy / The Bump
New moms have to give up necklaces until baby gets out of the grabby phase, right? Wrong! These stylish teething necklaces were made for babies to grasp, gnaw and suck. Hooray for accessorizing! Which teething necklace is your favorite? Plus, more from The Bump: Tips on Dealing With Teething Ingenious Ways to... Read more

All I Want for Christmas is No Front Teeth

teeth pacifier
Well, nipples, we’ve had a good ride. For nine months and three weeks, we essentially coasted through breastfeeding. Sure, there were cracks in the beginning; Daddy bought stock in Lansinoh Lanolin. Round-the-clock nursing left you burning up; we pushed aside some oranges in the produce drawer to clear space for cooling gel pads. But... Read more

Scan This: Sophie Giraffe (VIDEO)

sophie giraffe
This squeaky giraffe teether toy probably looks familiar, so why are moms snatching them up? Our own Lusanna explains what makes Sophie a must-have baby registry item and why babies really do love it. Buy Sophie Giraffe at Amazon.com or register for it here. Plus, more from The Bump: 11 New-Mom Must-Haves... Read more