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Celebrate National Craft Month With Your Toddler!

cute egg carton caterpillar craftThe Fight Against Boredom
Ready to pass on your crafty DIY talent? Or do you feel that your artistic skills are about equal to that of your toddler's? Either way, March is National Craft Month, so it's the perfect time to get creative and bond with your kids. Try these cute, simple activities courtesy of Courtney from The Fight Against Boredom. You'll... Read more

Parents: How to Get Through the Hurricane Without Losing Your Mind

toddler and momThinkstock
East-coasters who've  been cooped up at home for the storm: I feel your pain. It was barely even nap time at our home and I was almost ready to tear my hair out. So far, we've put on a pot of chicken chili, played trains, read what feels like a hundred books, dealt with several... Read more

Kids’ Painting Project Without the Mess

Give a kid a brush and a jar of paint, and there's a chance they'll create something amazing -- and a sure thing that they'll create a huge mess. But, we found a cool paint project that keeps kids entertained and the walls (and floor, and table, and everthing else) clean -- even if you've... Read more