Toddler Recites Periodic Table To Ellen: 'My Little Brain Just Remembers'

Toddler reciting periodic table of elements on EllenEllenTube via Facebook
Prepare to be amazed by Brielle, a 3 year old, purple-loving, pigtail-wearing cutie who took some time out of her busy toddler schedule to drop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and recite some elements from the periodic table. You know, just a normal childhood activity. “She’s either really smart or just a complete show off,”... Read more

Toddlers Adorably Reenact 'How I Met Your Mother'

Toddlers reenact 'How I Met Your Mother' scenesRomedy Now via YouTube
How I Met Your Mother fans will attest: Brooding, introspective, heartbroken Ted Mosby can be so irritating. But when he's portrayed by a 2 year old, he's suddenly incredibly endearing. Romedy Now, an India-based English television channel, brought HIMYM to life again with a new cast of characters: little kids. And the parody promo for... Read more

Halloween Makeup Kits May Contain Chemicals Toxic To Kids

boy with Halloween face paintShutterstock
What's more frightening than a scary ghost or skeleton costume? The chemicals found in most Halloween makeup kits. That's the key takeaway from a press conference held by US Senator Charles Schumer yesterday. Makeup palettes from major companies such as Wet N' Wild, Fun World and Rubie's Costume Company often contain harmful chemicals including lead, nickel, chromium and... Read more

After Head Is Reattached To Spine, Toddler Learns To Walk Again

Toddler kicking a ball after spinal surgery7 News Melbourne via Facebook
Baby's first steps are a huge milestone. And they're even more monumental after surviving a spine-severing, life-threatening car accident. Australia-native Jaxon Taylor, just 16 months old, was riding in a car with his mother and big sister last month when they experienced a head-on collision. The 70 mph accident tore his upper vertebrae, meaning his... Read more

Girl Who Is ‘Just Like Serena Williams’ Will Get To See Her Idol Play

mimi-harris-serena-williams-viral-videoKimberly J. Harris via Facebook
When mom Kimberly Harris uploaded a video to Facebook of her three-year-old daughter proudly explaining how she played tennis with her daddy “just like Serena Williams,” little did she know that a meet-and-greet between her daughter and the actual Serena Williams is now set to be one of the most-anticipated matches of the week. In... Read more

Get This Toddler On 'American Ninja Warrior'—STAT!

Ninja Warrior toddler crossing the finish lineKimberley Koge via Facebook
If you're looking for some inspiration for things to do with your kids this long weekend, you've found it. Outfitted with a black headband and all, this toddler set out to claim the course record of his homemade ninja warrior-style course. From side stepping on a wooden beam to army crawling, he takes on each... Read more

Toddler Meets His Hero/Birthday Party Star, A Local Personal Injury Lawyer

Toddler meets Morris Bart on Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel Live
One Prarieville, Louisiana family made headlines earlier this month for hosting a very unique toddler birthday party: It was personal injury lawyer-themed. And two-year-old Grayson finally got to meet the party's star. Grayson has been obsessed with local personal injury lawyer Morris Bart since he was just a few months old. “Before he could walk or... Read more

Picky Eating Might Point To Bigger Problems

picky eaterShutterstock
Most parents of preschoolers fight a nightly battle at the dinner table. No veggies, nothing squishy and definitely nothing orange. Most of the time, with encouragement and persistence from parents, picky eating is something toddlers grow out of. But how do you know if you need to take it more seriously? After noticing that... Read more

Toddler Without Arms Meets Her Hero, Armless Pilot Jessica Cox

jessica-cox-re-pranke-without armsKarlyn Pranke via Facebook
It’s not every day you get to hug your hero, let alone bond over something that makes you both so unique. So for Ruth Evelyn “RE” Pranke, a three-year-old born without arms, the opportunity to meet armless pilot Jessica Cox was a memorable one—and it was a meeting her mom Karlyn wished for before RE was... Read more

3 Ways to Have a Baby-Friendly (and Fun!) Fourth of July

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but holidays just aren’t the same when you have a baby. Some holidays, that is. Especially ones involving beer and fireworks. Babies and pyrotechnics don’t mix. So you might find yourself, like I did, sitting home alone with a baby on Independence Day, while... Read more