Too Much TV Linked To Bullying, Study Finds

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Another reason to limit your toddler's screen time? It will be better for his middle school social life. A study from the University of Montreal found a direct correlation between the number of hours of television a 29 month old watches and whether or not he's bullied in sixth grade. Essentially, for every additional hour... Read more

Is Sesame Street Just As Educational as Preschool?

Tickle Me Elmo and ToddlerPhotos Courtesy of the Manufacturer
Some screen time's not such a bad thing when your toddler's learning a lesson from Elmo or Cookie Monster. A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that kids who watch Sesame Street are 14 percent less likely to be behind in school. That's about the... Read more

A Little TV Might Benefit Baby

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You can feel a little less guilty about setting up the bouncer in front of the TV while you're cooking dinner -- a new study says a little TV might actually be helpful to baby. Fair warning: standard cartoons might not cut it. The Emory University study, published in the journal Child Development, only... Read more

New Study Suggests Too Much TV Ruins Moms Connection to Baby

Photo: The Washington Times / The BumpPhoto: The Washington Times / The Bump
Ever wonder if your baby is spending too much time in front of the TV? A new study led by nutritionist Margaret E. Bentley states that moms (especially mothers who are obese) are more likely to use TV to entertain and soothe their fussy and active infants. Performed at the University of North... Read more