Identical Twin Brothers Born 18 Days Apart (UPDATE)

pregnant mom looking at delivered baby in incubatorHolli Gorveatt
Some twins do everything together. But this Kirkland, Washington duo is already setting a different precedent. One teeny twin was born four months early at 1 lb., 2 oz. His identical brother? Born 18 days later, and slightly heavier, at 1lb. 10 oz. Big brother Link, who was born at EvergreenHealth Medical Center on Sept. 29, arrived at... Read more

Parents Document Twins' Delivery With A GoPro Camera

newborn twins in the delivery roomYouTube
Thanks to a GoPro camera, we're going behind the scenes of another delivery. While it's far less dramatic than the passenger-seat delivery documented on a GoPro this summer, the c-section that was caught on camera earlier this year is just as moving. We see doctors wiping tears from mom's eyes as she reaches for... Read more

With 11 Sets Of Twins, This Kindergarten Is Really Seeing Double

twin boys sitting with backpacksShutterstock
Ellen Postman, the principal at Long Island’s Lynbrook Kindergarten Center, makes it a priority to place twins in different classrooms. And this year, she really had her work cut out for her. Of the 191 students enrolled at the kindergarten center this fall, 22 are twins. Just one pair out of the 11 is identical. And yes,... Read more

Twin Sisters Each Pregnant With Twins, Again

Twin sisters are each pregnant with twins for the second timeAP
Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker have quite a bit in common. They teach at the same school. Their husbands are best friends. They're twins. And they're each expecting their second set of twins, due two weeks apart. "It's a unique story, because I always felt like my twin sister and I had a... Read more

Photographer Captures Photos Of Conjoined Twins Before And After Surgery

Mateus AndréMateus André
Five-month-old twins Maria Clara and Maria Eduarda may no longer be physically connected, but they will always share an unbreakable bond. The girls were born in May, connected by a shared abdomen and liver, making separation risky. But after a six-hour surgery with the help of 15 medical professionals, the twins were separated on Sept. 9... Read more

Twins: The Reason You Need A Talk-Back Monitor

Twins on baby monitorFacebook
It pays to have a talk-back video monitor. That's what one mom learned after her twin baby girls tried to get away with gabbing and giggling when they were supposed to be sleeping. In the short clip posted on the mom blogger's Facebook page It's Judy Time, Miya and Keir can be seen standing and... Read more

Don't Ask This Mom About Her Twins, Okay?

twin baby girls in stroller with signInstagram via Annie Nolan
Like it or not, twins are basically always a conversation starter. As for adorable twin babies Delphi and Cheska, snuggled under a pink blanket in a double stroller? Even more so -- and their mom knows it. Australian blogger and mom Annie Nolan took to Instagram to share a bunch of preemptive answers to... Read more

Top 5 Quotes From The Most Excited Aunt Ever

Excited woman finds out sister is having twins at ultrasound appointmentYouTube
Excited that it's Friday? How excited? Definitely not as much as this woman who found out her sister is having twins. Jill and Shawn already have a son and a daughter at home. For their third pregnancy, they invited Jill's sister Kelly to the 20-week ultrasound, where they would find out the baby's... Read more

Twin Reveal Is the New Gender Reveal

twin surpriseYouTube
Kudos to those parents who wait to find out baby's gender, or even harder, keep the secret to themselves. Even more kudos to the Rademachers, who kept a secret twice as big. Florida couple Sharon and Korey Rademacher not only knew they were having a girl, they knew they were having twin girls. But... Read more

Iowa Mom Pregnant with Rare Set of Twins

twins holding handsThinkstock
Everyday, expectant Iowa mom Amanda Kuhl gets to hear her twins' heartbeats. While most moms-to-be would jump at this chance for early bonding with baby, Kuhl's situation is high-risk and rare. Kuhl is being hospitalized for eight weeks to ensure her monoamniotic twins are healthy when they're delivered via c-section at 32 weeks. While most identical twins... Read more