Identical Twins Give Birth on the Same Day!

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Two of a kind is twice as nice! Twin sisters Aimee and Ashlee Nelson, both 19, have always been close. So it seems only fitting (and only out of this world amazing and ridiculous and fabulous!) that the identical twin sisters gave birth to their babies on the same day. No jokes, people, this is... Read more

How to Make Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions as a New Parent

Photo: Jecamean / The BumpPhoto: Jecamean / The Bump
It’s hardly shocking that some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are also the most commonly broken. Personally, I’ve always treated my resolutions as projects to undertake.  So “exercising” meant adopting a specific regimen and losing X number of pounds, “eating healthy” meant learning certain recipes or incorporating a new ingredient, and “more crafts”... Read more

Scan This: Space-Saving Convertible Crib (VIDEO)

stokke sleepi
Tight on space or expecting twins and want them to sleep together? In this video, Christopher from Buy Buy Baby explains why the Stokke Sleepi is a such a great crib. It truly grows with your baby (or babies) from a small, bassinet-sized sleeping you can easily roll from room-to-room, to a crib, to a... Read more

Surprise! The Cosby Show Is Still Relevant to Parents — Decades Later

cosby show twins
Before there was Modern Family, there was The Cosby Show. Growing up, I looked forward to watching the humorous trials and tribulations of the Huxtable family each week. They were like every family, but not, because whatever issues Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy were dealing with were... Read more

My Twins’ Birth: The Most Important Day I Won’t Remember

newborn twins
Tell us about the day we were born, I often imagine my children saying to me one day. Before my babies were born, I romanticized about the delivery and I saw myself sharing my glory story with family and friends, even writing blog posts about my birth story and speedy recovery. The truth is, it... Read more

Philadelphia Surgeons Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins

Tucker Twins
Alison and Amelia Tucker finally received the surgery they've been waiting eight months for. Yesterday afternoon, surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia successfully separated the 8-month-old conjoined twins. Hospitalized since birth, the twins from Adams, New York shared a chest wall, diaphragm, pericardium and liver. This situation occurs in 1 of 60,000 births, and often results in... Read more

Why One-on-One Time with Each Kid (Even Twins) Is Worth the Effort

Because I'm a pediatrician and a mother, many people say to me, “it must be much easier for you to be a parent because you know everything about kids.” This is partially true in that, yes, if my children are sick I'm able to care for them with ease, and know the difference between a... Read more

Twin Goals of a Twin Pregnancy: Stay Positive and Keep Those Babies Baking!

Photo: Nicole DonisPhoto: Nicole Donis
What an exciting time to write my first guest post for The Bump! Today I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant with twins. I have so many different emotions regarding my pregnancy and feel so happy to share my experiences with you. My name is Mercedes and I am a housewife/homemaker/future first-time-stay-at-home mom/whatever else you'd like... Read more

Join The Bump in NYC to Celebrate Twins, Triplets and More (It’s Free)!

Photo: The BumpPhoto: The Bump
Pregnant with twins (or more)? Parent of multiples? Live in or near New York? Next Thursday, September 27 , join The Bump for a night of shopping and sweets, and get a sneak peek of the new book The Baby Bump Twins and Triplets Edition from author (and The Bump editor-in-chief) Carley Roney. This... Read more

Check Out Our New Book — Just for Women Expecting Twins or Triplets (or More!)

Photo: The BumpPhoto: The Bump
Now, one in 30 babies born in the U.S. is a twin -- in 1980 it was one in 53. That's a big boost! And since there are so many women out there carrying twins (or triplets or even more!), we knew they needed a pregnancy handbook created just for them. After all, mamas-to-be of... Read more