Aw! Josh Duhamel Says Fergie’s First Ultrasound Made Her Pregnancy Feel ‘Real’

Photo: BillboardPhoto: Billboard
Daddy-to-be Josh Duhamel might be ready to report for diaper duty, but the star wasn't quite ready for how his wife's first sonogram would made him feel. At a press event for his upcoming film Safe Haven, the heartthrob told Yahoo, "Seeing that ultrasound is unlike anything you've ever seen. You're... Read more

My Date With the Vag Cam (a.k.a. Monitoring Before IUI)

monitoring appointment
Yesterday, I had my second monitoring appointment to check to see how well the Clomid and injections grew my follicles. (This is all to get me to start ovulating. See more about why I'm doing all this here.) I was incredibly nervous. I started to think about all the "what ifs." What if... Read more