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Can't Agree on a Name? Ask the Internet

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Nicholas and Kseniya Soukeras have very different visions for their baby's name. His choice? Spyridon, his father's name, and a nod to his Greek heritage. Hers? Michael. So Nicholas is asking the good people of the Internet for help backing his pick at iPetitions.com. The petition is drafted with the language of a seasoned arbiter, and... Read more

Would You Pay Thousands for a Unique Baby Name?

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What's in a name? A unique identity worth $31,000? Probably not. But Marc Hauser is trying to convince you otherwise. Hauser is the CEO of Erfolgswelle, a Swiss firm that generates unique baby names. And this isn't an automated, randomized or arbitrary process; a team of 14 experts, 12 translators, four historians and two... Read more

Why I Stopped Caring About What to Name My Baby Girl

Photo: Downtown Magazine NYC / The BumpPhoto: Downtown Magazine NYC / The Bump
Like many little girls that envision their wedding day long before they find their prince charming and walk down the aisle, I dreamed of naming my children at an early age.  Whether in dance class, at the park, or while watching a movie, my ears were keen to baby names that I would one day... Read more