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Unbelievably Cute Kiss Cam Smooches Brought to You by The Bump!

Photo Courtesy of @Crheasinner / The BumpPhoto Courtesy of @Crheasinner / The Bump
It's Valentine's Day and mamas everywhere are showering their babies and toddlers with love! Far and wide, mom-to-be's are dressing up their baby bellies to mark the lovey-dovey occasion with their partners, and others are showering their little babies with kisses by the bunch! Since this red, pink and heart-filled holiday is smack dab in... read more

10 Irresistible Heart-Themed Items for Babies and Kids

heart-themed baby and kids products
We've got Valentine's Day fever! But this super cute heart-themed baby and toddler gear doesn't just work for February -- it's perfect for any day (and it's not just for girls!). How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Plus, more from The Bump: Cute Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers First Valentine's Day... read more

Forget Pouch Food — Use Baby Food Jars to Make These 8 Creative Crafts!

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Homemade baby food is lovely in theory, but when you’re sapped from a day filled with work, on-demand nursing, tummy time, diaper explosions and maybe three minutes of alone time, the thought of turning your kitchen into a Jackson Pollock-esque disaster zone, splattered with squash puree and streaked with strained peas, is somewhat unappealing. On... read more