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Hot Celebrity Baby Name: Harper!

bill hader, david beckham, tiffani thiessen
Looking for a star-worthy name for a baby girl? How about Harper? Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader and his wife Maggie Carey welcomed their second daughter Saturday and named her Harper. Harper Hader (love the alliteration!) joins a elite group of celeb babies with the same first name. David and Victoria Beckham, Neil... Read more

Victoria Beckham’s an Absent-Minded Mom, Too!

Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images
You might have more in common with Victoria Beckham than you thought. She’s prone to delirious and tired mommy moments, too. According to Vanity Fair, the mom of four was so busy one morning with conference calls and getting her kids ready for the day, that she made a big mommy blooper! She was... Read more