Cute Toddler Doesn’t Understand Why Taking Candy From Strangers Is Bad (WATCH!)

Photo: YouTubePhoto: YouTube
Every toddler is warned by their parents to not talk to strangers -- but what if part of a stranger's appeal is the promise of delicious ice cream? In a so-cute-I-could-eat-her-up video, Ye Bin is being taught what to say by her mother to strangers when they offer her treats or ask her to go swimming... Read more

Try to Stop Watching This Adorable Video of a Dad and His Baby Daughter Working Out

There's no doubt that it's hard to squeeze in workouts after having a newborn -- so why not include your baby, like dad Michael Stansbery did? His literally too-cute-for-words video, titled "The Lilly Ann Workout," shows Michael and his daughter Lilly doing baby-friendly versions of push-ups and Supermans on the floor. Even though Lilly... Read more

Hysterical Baby Girl Laughs So Hard She Topples Over (WATCH!)

This little girl is going to make your Monday, y'all, I swear! While getting a serious kick out of watching her daddy try to juggle, she takes a spill of her own -- but gets up and continues to crack up! Daddy even commented on the YouTube video, saying "Strangely enough, when I do juggle... Read more

Amazing! Pregnancy in 120 Seconds (WATCH!)

Pregnancy time lapse videos are probably the coolest thing to hit the Internet since the invention of memes. (Yep, I said it. Memes.) In the video below, these two adorable parents-to-be take us through their nine month journey to baby in just 120 seconds. We score a peek at the drastic ways mom's... Read more

So Adorable! Baby’s First Year Captured on Camera (WATCH!)

World, meet Indigo. This adorable baby boy was born just over a year ago, on July 9, 2012. Since the day he was born, Indigo's mom and dad have filmed their beautiful baby boy's first moments on camera and put together a stunning montage of his first year of life. For their son's first birthday,... Read more

Banished to a Bathroom Stall to Breastfeed: Can You Relate?

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
One very clever mama has found a way to fend off all the negative attention breastfeeding moms get. In a three-and-a-half minute spoken word poem called "Embarrassed", British artist Hollie McNish let her haters have it when the mama decided to vent on camera about feeling self-conscious for nursing her baby in public. Written from... Read more

Cutest Preppy Swim Styles for Baby (WATCH!)

Photos Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhotos Courtesy of the Manufacturer
So far, we've taken you through our favorite hipster, nautical, surfer chic and retro swim styles that'll suit your little swimmer best this summer and today, we've got more goodies! If you're in the market for a swimsuit that's stylish enough for your preppy baby, you're in... Read more

Twins Discover Rubber Bands (and It’s Pretty Hilarious!)

Photo: BingPhoto: Bing
Kids know how to make just about everything fun -- even rubber bands. (Seriously!) On the latest funny thing to hit the web, a video of twins having the time of their lives playing with rubber bands and kitchen cabinets has seized our hearts and made us giggle. Don't know what it is about this... Read more

‘I’m Daddy and I Know It’ Video Will Have You Thinking About Dad in a Whole New Way

dad holding babyThinkstock
Prepare to laugh your face off and then hug your own dad, the daddy of your babies, or the soon-to-be father of your bun-in-the oven. The internet sensation "I'm Daddy and I Know It" is the best that to ever happen to the Interwebs since our baby morpher. (Seriously, if you haven't tried... Read more

‘Home With Dada’ Video Is a Reminder That Dad Is Just as Fun as Mom!

Photo: Image Thirst Photography / The BumpPhoto: Image Thirst Photography / The Bump
Moms, you're gonna looooooove this. Prepare to fall head over heels for this baby and dada combination! "Home With Dada" is the comprehensive report on what happens when dad and baby are left alone together while mom is out running errands, working, or just taking a day off mommy-duty. This video is proof... Read more