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66 Percent of Women Think Pregnancy Puts Their Career at Risk — Do You?

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A surprising new poll performed by found that more than two-thirds of women feel like they're risking their jobs by taking maternity leave. The study asked 1,3000 women how they feel about their careers and a shocking seven-in-ten admitted that they feel their job is more vulnerable if they take... Read more

6 Things I Loved and 5 More I Hated About Going Back to Work After Baby

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Many people have asked me how life has settled since returning back to work three weeks ago. Most wonder if it is more difficult to leave home after having your second child and many want to know if it’s possible to be productive at work when your baby still isn’t sleeping through the... Read more

Bumpie Tip of the Week: Best (and Worst!) Careers for Working Moms

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Thinking about having a baby.... or a career change now that you have a little one? Being a working mom can be hard, but Bumpies on the Working Moms board share both the best and worst careers, in their experience, for moms: "I am a software engineer, and overall I think it's a pretty... Read more

Bumpie Buzz: 5 Adorable Celebrity Grandparents We Love!

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Study Says Working Moms are More Stressed, but Is It All in Their Minds?

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New research, presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York City, found that thinking is associated with increased stress and negative emotions for mothers. Researchers, led by Dr. Shira Offer, the assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, focused on the "mental labor" surrounding the physical... Read more

Drew Barrymore’s 2-Minute Makeup Routine for Moms (WATCH!)

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore, mom to Olive and founder of FLOWER beauty, always looks so fresh, pretty, and confident, doesn't she? What's her secret? In this exclusive for The Bump video and interview, Drew shares her 2 minute makeup routine for new moms, what she loves (and hates!) about motherhood, her most embarrassing pregnancy moment (oh,... Read more

Bumpie Tip of the Week: Money-Saving Tips for New Moms!

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Yiiiiiikes -- are you starting to feel the cost of having a baby? It's something that takes some major adjustments in the ways you spend (and save!). Bumpies on the Babies: 3-6 Months board shared some of their postbaby money saving tips: "I cook in really large batches and freeze for future... Read more

3 New-Mom Mistakes I Wish I Never Made

Photo: Jecamean / The BumpPhoto: Jecamean / The Bump
As new parents, we worry about making mistakes with our new little delicate delivery -- our baby. I made a few mistakes, but they had nothing to do with our new arrival; instead, the things I screwed up were all things that had nothing to with baby and everything to do with me. If I could... Read more

Scan This: Breast Pump for Working Moms (WATCH!)

Medela In Style electric breast pump and case.Medela
If you're planning to breastfeed we highly recommend you invest in a good quality breast pump -- and we love the Medela Pump In Style (especially if you're going to be a working mama)! It's portable, powerful and discrete for your trips to and from work. It also comes with a freezer bag complete... Read more

Inspiring Mompreneur: Jennifer Fleiss, Co-Founder of Rent the Runway

Jennifer Fleiss Rent the Runway
We’re getting up close and personal with mothers who are savvy innovators and businesswomen and finding out their secrets to success. This time, we got the scoop from Jennifer Fleiss, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development for Rent the Runway. You have a 17-month-old daughter. How do you balance motherhood and running a business?... Read more